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Climate change predicted to effect increased population

April 21, 2009

UK based charity, Oxfam predicts climate change related disaster is going to effect 50% more people , to reach 375 million a year by 2015.

This has become an increasing concern for Oxfam as the current humanitarian systems are barely able to cope with present circumstances.

There is a risk that agencies are going to become bombarded with events such as drought, flooding and storms.

So how can we work towards preparing agencies for such predicted climate change events?


Oxfam’s international spokesman, Rob Bailey states rather than humanitarian aid being sent in relation to political preferences, it should be sent impartially.

Mr Bailey provides an example of the evident partiality taking place with regards to how much aid is given to some counties, in-comparison to others. In response to the Asian tsunami that occurred in 2004, more than $1,200 was provided to each victim. In-comparison, only $23 was donated to victims in the recent Chad crisis.

Clearly, there is an unequal distribution of aid going towards area’s effected by climate change.

In order for agencies to have any hope in coping with the predicted increase of natural disasters, aid needs to be equally distributed amongst countries that have been targeted by climate change to the same degree. Furthermore, rather than political preference being used as an incentive towards how much aid is distributed, the circumstances of each country needs to be considered impartially.

What are your thoughts?

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