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Sustainability of the MTA.

March 24, 2009

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is considered to be one of the greenest forms of transportation in the nation encompassing twice the energy efficiency of that of a hybrid automotive.

New York City Subway

New York City Subway

Largely due to the sustainability of the MTA, New Yorkers energy consumption and CO2 output is a quarter of the national average.

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainability and the MTA is aspiring to expand the MTA’s contributions to regional and national sustainability, while reducing and managing the MTA’s energy consumption, carbon emissions, waste, water use, and other elements of the MTA’s ecological footprint. 

If the rest of America matched New York cities carbon footprint, the country would of achieved the highly topical climate stabilization goal, cutting 80% of carbon emissions by 2050, (more than 40 years ahead of schedule).

Hopefully, the MTA can be used as a model to encourage further sustainable modes of transportation in order to strive for a better environment.

8 million people ride the New York City subway everyday, are you one of them?


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