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Status on Willets Point Project.

March 15, 2009

A number of weeks ago I submitted ablog about the redevelopment scheme at Willets Point. The project is currently underway in order to defend the area from further impacts of climate change.

Future of Willets Point Project

Future of Willets Point Project

I spoke with Dr Mark Chandler from the Center for Climate Systems Research and asked him a number of questions in regards to to the current status of the project:

What is the current status on the project?

“I believe the land owners and Queens city council members have come to agreements with the Bloomberg administration regarding the development. The requirements regarding need to address sea level rise have been updated so the developer will have to do additional assessment to ensure long-term viability of the site”.

What do you believe other areas in similar environmental circumstances can learn from this project?

“In my opinion, there is a need in this country to require ALL developments to do an assessment of the potential impact of the climate change on the project and of the project’s impact on climate”.

The fact that this project is being pursued, what does this tell you about the governments attitude towards climate change?

“The project is intended to be fairly “green”, in that there has been an attempt by the developer and the city to limit the overall impact on future climate. What government and the private sector seem to be misunderstanding is that some climate change is already inevitable and they need to plan for just how much climate change will effect future projects. It’s a two-way problem that is being treated like a one-way problem”.

Do you believe this project is sufficient to accommodate to those who are directly effected by the environmental changes occurring in this area?

“It remains to be seen how the development plans are altered to address the likelihood that climate change will be a greater impact on the site than was previously considered”.

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