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Threat from the tide.

March 11, 2009

According to Scientists at the Copenhagen Climate Summit , sea level is projected to be higher than previously thought.

Previous estimates predicted sea level would rise by 59 centre-meters, however now scientists are saying sea level rise will increase by 1 meter by 2100.

Iceberg, Greenland

Iceberg, Greenland

The projections have been revised in light of acceleration of glaciers and ice sheets contributing towards sea level rise much more than expected.

The  previous projections did not include the potential impact of polar melting.

The implications of sea level rise for millions of people would be “severe”, they warned.


So, when will beach front property owners realize the potential risks of the sea shore?

The demand for coastal house prices continues to climb despite warnings that rising sea level will effect land value.

According to figures generated from Australian real estate agency,PRDnationwide , beach front house prices in Australia have jumped by 114 per-cent in the past five years.

I spoke with Real Estate agent,Rose Wanchap in regards to why house prices do continue to climb, despite concerning sea level projections.

“I honestly don’t know why people aren’t afraid to buy beach front properties. You would think people would opt to buy a property on more elevated ground, however we just sold a property for 6.5 million dollars (AU) at Wategoes beach last week” Ms Wanchap said.

I believe people will not consider the effects of sea level rise until they’re swimming in their own living rooms! What do you think?


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