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EU Official: US needs to do more on climate.

March 9, 2009
Hummer: an attribute towards US greenhouse emissions

Hummer: an attribute towards US greenhouse emissions

In light of my previous blog on Europe’s success in attempting to  accomodate environmental data for all, it seems  fitting to follow with a few pointers for the US from an EU official.

European Commissions Deputy-Director, Joe Delbeke made recent news after expressing the proposition by Obama to cut down US gas emissions back to 1990 levels by 2020, will not be sufficient in preventing devastating climate change. 

Mr Delbeke said the initiative Obama has proposed will unlikely comply with the average standard expected from all developed nations. “We in Europe would hope the U.S. will do more than stabilization of 1990 levels. I will not hide that.”

Scientists expect that unless global emissions do not fall by 80 per-cent by 2050, the temperature will rise by more that 2 degrees. This will cause detrimental proportions such as increased famine, floods, and drought.

Conversely, the EU is dedicated towards reducing global emissions by 20 per-cent below the 1990 levels by 2020. This may increase to 30 per-cent below 1990s levels if a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol in signed.

With the United States representing the most polluting developed country, stabalization at the US 1990 standards would make it impossible to reach the global collective goal at reaching the 30 per-cent reduction target.

However, the EU remain hopeful that the US will meet up to the challenge and decide the fate of this decision in the making.

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